Wisdom Wednesday – Bogged Down?

Wisdom wednesday

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Dan- All right, well, we’re here talking about wisdom Wednesday, everybody. And we wanted to kind of talk a little bit about what it is that we need to be doing to take a step back and get the macro, the macro view of what our business is doing. So, Richard, when it comes to when you are bogged down in the middle of being super focused on one thing, and it just, you just can’t get out from underneath it, what is it that you do to move forward?

Richard – Yeah, I think it all comes down to time is what I’m doing. Noticing right now is how much time you put in towards everything? And then also, how do you plan out that time, because right now, I don’t think I planned enough time towards each task that’s supposed to be done. I’ll say, yeah, it’s gonna take about 30 minutes, but really, I get in the groove after 30 minutes. And I’m already supposed to move on to another task. So I really need to plan more time out to give them more time to develop there.

Dan- So it’s like you are underestimating the amount of time that a task would take

Richard – Absolutely, I mean, by the time you really get in the groove of things, it’s kind of like when you’re throwing a football, right, or something like that as sports-related terminology, it takes a while your first thought was probably not gonna be that great. Whatever time you’re just getting the rhythm and go for it. So we don’t give ourselves enough time. And what I’ve noticed in my daily schedule, is I need to balance it out with the energy that I have at that given moment. So for instance, I need to do sales in the morning because that’s right. When I’m awake. I’m at my peak energy. If I put sales at the end of the day, man, I’m going to be a zombie. It’s not going to be fun at all.

Dan- Okay. Okay. So your takeaway from that would be what?

Richard – Yeah, the takeaway is just planned by around energy, and then give it enough time, to where I think a lot of people don’t feel like they, they try given too many tasks themselves, they try knocking out 10 things a day, when you’re only going to do three things. Great. So what are those three things instead of going 10? things? As a matter of everyone, the focus is on quantity versus quality.

Dan- Okay, alright. Sounds good. If you could give us one if you could speak to one thing about mindset, I know you’re big on mindset, you’ve talked about it a lot. It’s kind of one of your focuses in the past year, what would you say would be the mindset in order to focus about marketing and getting out from doing the things that, you know, being able to give time to things that matter in your business,

Richard – it’s absolutely that it’s the given the time, you really have to nurture it, there are no quick fixes anymore, there are no hacks, there’s nothing that you’re going to do make a million dollars tomorrow, a lot of that stuff is really going away, you have to build on the small and simple things over time. And I don’t think people take that time or patients in order to do that. We’re talking macro right now. But it’s really the micro-steps that you take on a daily basis to get there. There’s not a 10 step sequence that you can do and instantly hit $100,000 a month is going to take small and simple time, I mean, small and simple steps. And then also have those things built upon each other in order to prove momentum.

Dan- Nice, nice. That’s also kind of how you approach your campaigns that you do when you set them up in your structure in pay per click and on Facebook and on Google ads. It’s it takes time to set up those campaigns and to

Richard – get money. Do you remember the one time we built one for therapist and we try to do in like 1000 different things for the physical therapy one? No, yeah. And we thought, Man, we’re going to come out and spend $2,000 on the first day and we’re going to blow through this and this is gonna be the most amazing thing ever, please lead leads, leads, we’re just going for it. But it took over what like a week to two weeks to really get dialed in. And then when we got down, then we started hit rhythm. But we want to hit that rhythm day one because we thought we set it up completely perfect. But we found that clients really typed in this versus that.Dan-  Yeah. Yep. Very nice. Very nice.
Well, any last tips before we sign off? trial and error? trial and error? Nice. can’t say it enough. All right. There you go. Talk about it. Marketers. Episode One. There we go. Alright, have
a great day. Happy Wisdom Wednesday.

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