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The Sargent: Putting Agile Marketing to work for you!

Is your marketing approach lacking? Often times, marketing feels like throwing darts and praying that some will stick. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you’re ready to expand your business by using data-driven results to target customers who are actually interested in your business, you need to know about Agile Marketing and Website Development.

Online marketing is my passion in life. While developing this passion, I noticed that Agile Marketing and Website Development provided better and more consistent results than traditional forms of marketing, hands down. If you've never heard of Agile Marketing before, you’re not alone; it’s a relatively simple and new concept.

The Agile Marketing Approach

The goal behind Agile Marketing is to effectively utilize resources by focusing on methods that have shown positive results. Simply put, Agile Marketers work smarter. This is done by producing and implementing quick, short-term marketing campaigns and measuring the data. The idea is to try as many approaches as possible, determine what delivers the most customer value, and then implement it on a larger scale while constantly monitoring the results and making changes as needed.

This approach is “agile” because you will never have so many resources invested in one campaign that you can’t quickly respond to changes in the market. Traditional marketers conduct long-term studies and invest heavily in a campaign before it is ever implemented. Agile marketing turns this thought process on its head by first seeing what works and then finding out why.

The Sargent: Putting Agile Marketing to Work for You!
Agile Marketing and Website Design

Agile Marketing and Website Design

Has your website been the same for years? How about months? Agile Marketing doesn’t have to begin and stop at customer solicitation and can be applied to Website Development as well. Instead of having one static website, we can constantly measure and perfect your internet presence. By having multiple “campaigns” developed and ready to be implemented on your website, we can determine which approaches create the most traffic and to what pages. While the general website stays the same, small changes can make big differences; capturing this data is key.

The conventions of Online Marketing and Website Design are changing. New approaches such as Agile Marketing are helping adaptive businesses skyrocket to the top, while others are left behind staring up. If you’re ready to market more effectively and truly engage your customers, contact The Sargent today to start a conversation about your business’s future.

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