Spy On Your Competitor

Spy your competitor

We Can Spy On Your Competition

We Know Their Google Analytics

We can spy on Google.  Yep we said it…  We. Can. Spy. On. Google.

Your biggest competitor can now be your secret best friend.  All the time spent stressing over how to gain market share over your competitor is now over.  The Sargent LLC now has the ability to see (spy) on your competition’s Google Analytics.  The ads that they run, the numbers, the visitors, how many call to their front office phone number gets, the goals they set, how much they spend on ads… everything…  Oh, and did we mention we can do it live?!

We Know What Works And What Doesn’t For Them

Part of the most profitable thing and consequently the hardest thing to do in running a paid search campaign is to setup a keyword databank.  Both search keywords and negative keywords that people search are invaluable in running a paid search campaign.  We know what works for them, what doesn’t work for them, what they are planning to do, and what they planned to do in the past.

How We Can Apply It To Your Company

We have cracked the code on how the web is searched and have extracted the data.  We spy on Google!

In this day and age with digital marketing, having a leg up on the rivalry will make all the difference on your bottom line.  When you hire us to do your paid search campaign, we use every bit of information in your industry to make your ads the top performing ads for your target audience.

With this competitive advantage, you can dominate your market and take your business to the next level.  Gain more clients, boost your earnings, and keep that cutting edge to your sales force.


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