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The goal behind Agile Marketing is to effectively utilize resources by focusing on methods that have shown positive results. Simply put, Agile Marketers work smarter. This is done by producing and implementing quick, short-term marketing campaigns and measuring data.  The idea is to identify proven approaches, determine what delivers the most customer value, and then implement it on a larger scale while constantly monitoring the results and making changes as needed.

This approach is “agile” because we can pivot to match the changes in the market.  This can be done quickly as opposed to traditional marketers that conduct long-term studies. They invest heavily in a campaign before it is ever implemented.  Agile marketing turns this thought process on its head by first utilizing proven methods and then honing in on what is working for your ideal target customer.


“The Sargent presents fresh ideas and provide informative statistical feedback on the performance of the marketing campaign materials that they developed for our company.”

Joey Rios
Current Client


Creating a successful paid search campaign requires an understanding of the needs of different customers. Our process enables us to deliver results specific to that customer.

Companies need to develop a detailed audience strategy. It's important to understand how their audience spends their time, research products/services, socialize, and purchase. Our strategic approach is rooted in data that we've built and scaled over time. The customer demands personalized, relevant content today. The material must be actionable and exceed expectations. We use paid searches in a short-term and long-term strategies.


Driving leads can be just a number unless we tie every single lead to revenue goals. Improving conversion rates can bring better leads and produce more sales. Understanding what the customer cares about will have a direct impact on several aspects of your business.

Content that sells is a key factor in every campaign. The right words will have a huge impact on conversions. Everything must be written with a focus on conversions.

Imagine how many items need to be researched to improve your conversion rate. This list is only few of the key items. Take a deep breath, here we go!... Pricing, funnels, surveys, competitors, call to actions, offers, lead magnets, feedback, user testing, frequently asked questions, sales approaches, heatmaps, and visitor recordings, and more... You can breathe now. (Phew!) Watch as some of the words above are links to articles about our insights.

We are driven to provide quicker conversions that help us to optimize and improve the results faster. We have a long list of testing hypotheses from our library of test results from previous campaigns. We believe in a 70-20-10 model with testing. This provides 70% of the best practice in the industry. 20% of the cutting edge strategies. 10% is pushing the limits of what's possible and pushing the barriers of what will become the standard in a couple of years. Imagine if a 10% can generate 50% of your results. Why is that? Because no one else is doing it yet. Do we come up with the 10% out of the sky? Well, sometimes... but we keep up with lead industry standards and apply it to our clients.


We have a team that is obsessed with the design and conversion rates of every landing page that we develop. We split test every landing page to help create the highest converting landing page possible. The variations known as A/B Testing helps us generate more leads for our clients. Our team finds it fun to compete on creating the best page possible. We won't settle until we have 100% conversion. Is it possible?

Research and data across multiple industries produce user trends that we can quickly apply to our campaigns. The in-depth analysis helps to understand the user's behavior better. The ultimate goal is to understand what motivates the visitor to buy. Then we can reverse engineer the path that's most attractive.

Our process helps us build a more reliable result. Higher conversion rates doesn't always mean better clients. The balance of conversion rate vs quality customers is key.


We provide a full service and customizable reporting service. Some of the options we offer are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reports. We offer video reports (here's a sample) and calls with our team.

Some of the data that we focus on are organic traffic, user flow, qualitative results, conversions, revenue, cost per lead, keyword rankings, and many others!

We use more than just the industry standards to achieve the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Because of the nature of what goes in to online marketing, most of our clients’ websites are not set up properly to handle the traffic that will be headed their way. Our process helps to establish a firm foundation on reports and data that matters to you. We don't overload you on useless stats or vanity metrics.

Some sample reports:
•Search engine marketing (SEM) reports
•Pay per click (PPC) reports
•Hotjar reports
•User testing reports
•Google analytics reports