Where Other Social Media Platforms Fail, Instagram Is Just The Key.


How Do Instagram Ads Work?

Much like Instagram's parent company; Facebook, Instagram Ads target people based on demographics. But instead of what pages you like, Instagrams are based on people you may follow or posts you may like. As well, Facebook is blended with Instagram when it comes to advertising, so you could post ads on Instagram from Facebook's Ad Manager. But you may be wondering, WHY would I advertise on Instagram?


“The Sargent presents fresh ideas and provide informative statistical feedback on the performance of the marketing campaign materials that they developed for our company.”

Joey Rios
Current Client

Sometimes Your Campaign Needs More Than Words.

Let your campaign go beyond just sales letters or copy-based ads. 

All of Instagrams Ads are visual-based, allowing you to show people your product/service.

Instagram offers ads in four forms; photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and slideshow ads.  

Each can be used for different reasons. For instance, a video ad can show a demo of your product in action, giving people an idea of what it would be like to have your product. Or if you had multiple products that were similar to each other, you could have a carousel of your products, showing off various items in a single ad. 

When it comes to showing what your product is, Instagram ads seem like a perfect solution.

Is It Worth It To Put Your Ads On Instagram?

With all the things Instagram Ads can do, it's a no-brainer why it could be beneficial for you. 

Though Instagram can't be used for every demographic, They hit hard on the demographics they reach.

If Instagram Ads interest you, The Sargent would be happy to help with that, or any of your other needs.

Instagram Ads Are Less Intrusive. 

When people go onto sites like Instagram, they probably aren't looking to buy products or services. That's why Instagram made it where when an advertisement does end up on Instagram, they blend in with people's feeds. Between stories or photos and videos, Instagram ads are always between the lines. With that kind of ad placement, ads on Instagram get a higher average engagement rate over the other social media sites. For instance, Facebook gets an average engagement rate of .5% to 1%, while Instagram ads get an average engagement rate of 3%.

What Makes The Sargent Different?


No Long Term Contracts:

We keep everything month to month after the first 90 days. 

You Own Your Data:

Any content we create for you is yours to keep.

100% Transparency:

You'll have access to everything 24/7

A/B Split Testing:

We will continually improve ads and landing pages.

Weekly Reports:

We'll keep you up-to-date with our progress each week.

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