Custom Landing Pages Crafted to Generate Leads

Regardless of how they get there, make sure when people have clear action of what to do with a Custom Landing Page.

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Why are Landing Pages Important?

Landing Pages are essential to converting leads into buyers. You can have the best ads in the world, but if your ads are either driving traffic to a homepage that looks more like an index, people are going to leave. 

That's why when driving traffic to your website, you want to make sure people have a proper action to take.


“The Sargent presents fresh ideas and provide informative statistical feedback on the performance of the marketing campaign materials that they developed for our company.”

Joey Rios
Current Client

How Landing Pages Work.

When people first land on your website, they need a clear action to follow. Whether it be something like sign up for a newsletter, get a free quote, or purchase a product/service, people need direction. But creating a call-to-action is just the first step. You'll also need proper design, copy, and offers to make your landing page memorable to people. That's where we come in. Vikings were master navigators. They knew where they were headed. And for their time, they got there with unbefore seen accuracy. This is like a landing page. Ads for specific products or services HAVE to have a landing page specific to the product or service. Just like a Viking LANDING his ship on the shore of his desired destination.

Here’s some of our examples here of the “perfect” landing pages

  • Insert portfolio items here. 
  • Maybe before and afters?

Landing Pages Optimized For Success.

The Sargent is dedicated to making sure your landing page is optimized for converting leads. 

  • We'll start by auditing your business and what it offers while finding any roadblocks. 
  • Next, we'll find out what may be missing from your website (images, copy, or actions to take).
  • Then, we'll craft a highly engaging landing page based on our findings. 

The leads that visit your page will have a clear message of who you are and what you offer.

What Makes The Sargent Different:


No Long Term Contracts:

We keep everything month to month after the first 90 days. 

You Own Your Data:

Any content we create for you is yours to keep.

100% Transparency:

You'll have access to everything 24/7

A/B Split Testing:

We will continually improve ads and landing pages.

Weekly Reports:

We'll keep you up-to-date with our progress each week.

Testimonials From Trusted Clients:

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