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Wisdom Wednesday – Bogged Down?

Show Notes Dan- All right, well, we’re here talking about wisdom Wednesday, everybody. And we wanted to kind of talk a little bit about what it is that we need…

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The Top 5 Lessons From CART’s 2019 Entrepreneurship Expo

Our founder, Richard Sargent, had the opportunity to give back to his former high school today. See his post below. I had the honor of coming to CART’s 2019 entrepreneurship…

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Dental Advertising: The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Advertising & Google Ads What Is Google Ads And How Does It Help My Dental Advertising? 1. Google Ads Is An Advertisement Publishing Platform Google…

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Spy On Your Competitor

We Can Spy On Your Competition We Know Their Google Analytics We can spy on Google.  Yep we said it…  We. Can. Spy. On. Google. Your biggest competitor can now…

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Blockchain Digital Marketing

Love it or hate it, it’s here… and it looks like it’s here to stay… Blockchain AKA Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a whole bunch more!  Blockchain Digital Marketing will be…

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Is Google Adwords the next Google Plus?

This isn’t the first time that Google has rebranded their services. Who remembers Google Plus? Anyone?… Back in 2011, Google Plus launched to become the next big chat platform for…

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Six Ways to Better Understand Your Google Ad’s Campaign

I just got the phone with a prospect with Google Ads and we covered six questions (posted below). The prospect answered no to EVERY SINGLE QUESTION! This led me to…

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Marketing Fundamentals of PPC and the Need to Return to Basics

We’ve all heard it before.  If you’ve ever taken a marketing class, business class, or are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur; you’ve heard about the importance of marketing fundamentals.  It’s talked about…

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The Top Four Questions We Get Asked Regarding Google Analytics.

How much does Google Analytics cost? It’s free to install and use on your website. The only cost involved is time to install the code which you can do yourself.…

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How Friday Afternoon is the New Monday Morning

Thank you for checking out my video regarding planning out next week’s workload. I hope you find a couple of tips or action items to help plan out your upcoming…

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