Blockchain Digital Marketing

Blockchain Marketing

Love it or hate it, it’s here… and it looks like it’s here to stay… Blockchain AKA Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and a whole bunch more!  Blockchain Digital Marketing will be a new and exciting change to the marketplace.

How will blockchain technology influence online marketing?

Blockchain technology will change how we interact online. It might be subtle in some things and it might be drastic in others. No one can say for sure. Financial transactions between parties, banking, and even communication will be affected. If reading that this technology will change those categories of business doesn’t make you sit up and pay attention, then back up and shutdown your business. This will change marketers and who we market to.

1. Blockchain Digital Marketing Will Change How We Collect Data

Blockchain will keep personal data safe and secure. Right now, when you use a social media platform, let’s say Twitter… certain data points are collected from you when sign up for an account and you are tracked from then on out. This extends not only to the companies of social media, but to the major corporations that provide internet to us on a day to day basis (*Think Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Charter, and Google*)

Blockchain is a way to stop this and keep your private information, private. Forbes describes this as a key that you use to unlock a door. You keep you copy of the key, use it when it is needed and then take it with you when you are done. Sensitive data stays private.

Many of the alt coins, digital currencies other than Bitcoin, aim to accomplish this through how they are coded. In fact some coins were build expressly for that purpose. Most notably are Monero, Zcash, Dash, and even a deep web coin called DeepOnion. All of these coins are used to send untraceable transactions and communications.

Marketers will have to stop relying on the Googles of the world to supply them with your info. Marketers will be forced to adapt and find other ways to reach consumers.

2. Blockchain Digital Marketing Will Remedy Display Ads

Almost all ads go through two main companies that make a crap-ton of money. “The Google” and Facebook. Those ads are controlled and prices are set by them. And you guessed it, Blockchain will disrupt this.

Advertisers will buy ads using certain alt coins that were created for the marketing ecosystem. These ads will be higher quality and fewer in number to those that are opted in to receive ads. The target consumer gets to choose what kinds of ads he sees and gets paid a part of the alt coin paid by the advertiser. The consumer gets paid to participate in the marketing lifecycle! And to complete the marketing cycle, the publisher gets paid from the advertisers alt coins.

This puts a lot of the power back in the consumer’s control. This model will also force marketers to be more creative, entertaining, and more targeted to whom they display adds.  Blockchain Digital Marketing will be a whole new ballgame for the good old boys to learn.

3. Control and Protection of Digital Property Through Blockchain

Taylor Swift was probably the best example (at the time of this blog post) as of the of a content creator kicking back against the media industry’s flawed compensation system. She refused to let music streaming monster, Spotify, from streaming her music for poor compensation practices. Youtube is withholding gobs of revenue from the content creators that are vital to it’s success.

Again, Blockchain has the answer. Revenue for content creators will be directly tied to views, quality of the content produced, and the subjective options of the consumers of the content. For example, is already doing this. Creators make content (music, articles, blog posts, art, photography, recipes, etc…) and they get paid much more fairly than the current Facebook/Google system.

This Blockchain Digital Marketing model will allow creators to market their own content to the consumers directly; cutting out the middleman. The quality of their work will do the marketing for them, not because they paid to have their content put at the top of a list through an affiliate marketing network.

Get Familiar With Blockchain

If you don’t know what Blockchain is, you’d better learn quickly. This will be a new wave of technology that will change the inner workings how we interact online. Don’t miss out or you could end up like your parents when they were clueless on how to use a computer. The best way to learn this new technology is to dive in. The easiest and most friendly way to get into crypto is to use Coinbase, an exchange where you can own and learn about Bitcoin and the other alt coins. Learn how to accept and send crypto payments. Learn about online wallets… learn the history of Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Hypothetical vs. Actuality

Remember, all of this is still in development beta phases. Although the likelihood of this new technology for Blockchain Digital Marketing is likely, there is no guarantee that it will all come to fruition. With large companies turning their heads and paying attention to Blockchain, I’d bet it will happen and Blockchain Digital Marketing will be the new change we need.

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