Marketing Fundamentals of PPC and the Need to Return to Basics

Marketing Fundementals

We’ve all heard it before.  If you’ve ever taken a marketing class, business class, or are a do-it-yourself entrepreneur; you’ve heard about the importance of marketing fundamentals.  It’s talked about almost to the point that some want to ignore it like a daughter doing the opposite of what her mother tells her to do… “just because”.  High school basketball players resent their coach because they have to run drills for the thousandth time this season.  The mother giving wise advice to her daughter and the coach instilling muscle memory into his players is all for good reason.  We too stick to the fundamentals because they are developed with human nature in mind.

Marketing to your audience… know your audience, know your audience, know your audience

Why?  Can’t we just throw a large net and get more customers?  Maybe a billboard or pass out flyers at the local supermarket.  Larger net, larger haul, right?… Nope… Most say that the opposite is true.  Here at The Sargent, we agree.  Targeted headhunting is the key to unlocking your business’ treasures.  Ask yourself, “What might my customers be doing first thing in the morning?  Where are they during the day? What might be their evening routine? Which shows do they watch?  What age range is my average customer?  Where do my customers live?”

Use demographics to target your highest quality customer.

Use demographics to target your highest quality customer in PPC AdWords.

Have you ever heard of the Fenyr Supersport?  Chances are small unless you are someone that actually has the money to own one of them.  Also, the probability of you seeing an advertisement for one of these cars is slim to none. That’s because the manufacturers of this ultra expensive carline knows that their potential customers belong to very posh circles.  You won’t see billboard ads or magazine spreads marketing this car.  Let alone a mass Facebook ad.  They know their customer.

An average day for an average, cellphone toting male might looks like this: he wakes up, checks his email, looks at his Facebook account multiple times a day, likes his sister’s friend’s Instagram selfie (he thinks she’s cute), goes to work, checks his other social media accounts again, checks Amazon for that new TV he’s been eyeing, texts his friends to see if they’re free this weekend, finishes work, goes home, unwinds by watching Youtube videos, and checks his phone/social media one last time before turning in for the night.  Sound familiar?  In fact, we all do it.  We have our phones in front of us all… the… time…

The majority of consumers interact with electronics and the web all throughout the day.

The majority of consumers interact with electronics and the web all throughout the day.

So applying the fundamental of knowing your audience and where to reach them is still very much relevant to today.  Getting your services in front of them is super important. Narrowing down your marketing to get the most traffic to the highest quality demographics will give your advertising dollar the highest impact.  At The Sargent, we are able to do exactly that.  If you know the majority of your audience comes from a certain area of town, we can target them with Adwords.  Think they might be using a certain social media platform, let’s get an ad running there.  Perhaps your demographic audiences are night owls… we’ll run PPC ads only at night.

Play and educate to your strengths…

Now that you know your audience, make a list of your strongest services or products.  These should be your biggest money maker.  Ads should speak to these strengths and the solutions you can provide to your customers’ problems.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Would you care about your product or service?  Would your message make you stop to get more info?

Having trouble with this part?  Call us!  We’ve done it so many times…

Clear and straightforward call to actions…

What do you want the customer or client to do next?  What is the most direct and hassle-free way to close the deal?  Phone call? Submit a form?  Click a buy button?… This call to action must be clear concise and to the point.  This still matters because too many times businesses get a marketing campaign ready and the customer is left wondering, “What am I supposed to do now?”

The best offers, the most eye pleasing designs, and the highest quality traffic leads can still not convert to paying customers/clients because they are confused on what to do to move forward.

Without a clear "next step" signal, customers fail to move forward.

Without a clear “next step” signal, customers fail to move forward.

Here, we dedicate time and effort to identifying the most direct channel to get those sales and tell those potential clients how to move forward.

Measure, monitor, run reports, and adapt…

Here at The Sargent, out team has extensive analytic capabilities to measure the performance of your campaign.  This fundamental is probably the most overlooked by other agencies.  It boggles the mind to think that a marketing agency can skip over this part of the whole process.  If you don’t analyze what works and what doesn’t, why are you doing it?  Business owners want to stretch their dollar and want the greatest return on investment possible.  Adapting and learning from mistakes is crucial to the process.  The Sargent applies this last step constantly and consistently.

Analyzing what the next smartest steps should be is integral to a successful PPC Marketing campaign.

Analyzing what the next smartest steps should be is integral to a successful PPC Marketing campaign.

What were the results? Did they meet expectations? If so, why? If not, why not? These fundamental questions tie everything else together and allow a legitimate direction of incremental and agile change.

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