Marketing, fun, tech, and tacos!  We love meeting goals and having a blast while doing it! When The Sargent was first created, it was created with culture in mind. We wanted to wake up each day loving to go to work. So, we structured our company to reflect just that.  Happy team members accomplish more, do better work, and take more pride in their labors. It’s contagious!


We have created a dream team. Imagine taking the best coworkers that you have worked with in your career and bring them all back together. That’s us. We provide leadership through our passion and that creates a supportive atmosphere that continuously challenges us to be better than the day before. We are ears open to individuals who fit this culture.


Everyone seeks adventure in different methods. Some are just crazy enough to start their own business! We focus our skills on growing those businesses. We want to be a part of that adventure by helping to define each vision. We get it, that sounds like a concept that is intangible, but we have gathered experience that provides a unique perspective on growing businesses. Our team has been a part of all aspects of the company spectrum and we are proud to use our experience to drive companies to success.

The Sargent understands the grind, the long nights, the sacrifices, the non-existent leasures, and the quick wins. No success is too small to celebrate. We believe memories help create the journey of the good and bad times in business. We believe in a friendly communicative environment that breathes creativity. We are determined in building long-lasting relationships with every action that we take. These experiences help to influence our passion to provide concepts that align with the vision of a better tomorrow.


We take the best aspects of our clients and communicate that in a short and precise matter to their potential customers. We help determine the "perfect client" for their business. Yes, we understand that every lead is essential, but not every lead is a good fit. We continually optimize our process to acquire positive growth for our clients. We have a strong passion for data-driven results. We might come with a different perspective, but we will let the data have the last word. We will set pride aside to provide the best results.

Do we fall short occasionally? Of course, but we always learn and document our mistakes. Those mistakes will be met with transparency and openness. We will have those tough conversations that are required in business to improve. The online landscape can change overnight, and we've all seen our favorite apps change over time.
We are accustomed to staying educated in those minor and significant changes as they happen. It also helps that these pivots are our passion.

We have blog articles here, here, and here that walk through how we've adapted to those changes. Just like websites had to adjust to smart phones with innovations in technology, we have solutions for technology changes in the future. Soon, every industry will have more users on the phone than the desktop. This is just one example of how marketing has changed. Stay tuned for more exciting changes and buckle up!


Our focus is on the most impactful areas of your business to drive results for your clients.